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Harlan is a member of the International society of Glass Bead Makers (ISGB) (  The ISGB has officially endorsed the Beads of Courage program. This means that individual members of ISGB’s regional groups will be donating hand made glass beads to this project. Harlan belongs to the local chapter of the ISGB, for the San Francisco Bay Area, known as ISGB Norcal.  Harlan helps coordinate the collection and delivery of the donated beads to Oakland Children’s Hospital. If you are a beadmaker who wishes to donate your beads to this cause, please contact Harlan via the email button on this page.  General information about this important , pioneering, and wonderfully thought out program, can be found at:


Deep admiration and praise to Jean Baruch, the programs’s Texas founder.                                     _____________________________

                                               Kim Miles

When I first came across Kim Miles’ beads at an ISGB gathering a number if moons ago, I was stunned by their artistry.  She is a magnificent beadmaker. Then I met her, and her husband, and I was stunned again.  Magnificent people. See her masterwork beads at

Book recommendation

Be sure to read a new book from University of Chicago Press that I recommend highly.  Glass: A World History. By Alan McFarlane. A sophisticated and sweeping look at Western History and the central role of glass in articistic and scientific evolution.

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